the conference for web designers and frontend developers, who are passionate about using technology to build better user experiences.

30th november 2018 lisbon, portugal

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frontend development conference 2018

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conceptually different. focused on effective experiences and how to balance company goals with customer expectations. aims to create a stamp in Portugal about the aforementioned areas through the management of events such as conferences, workshops, debates, pep talks, etc.

a one-day event, the first in Lisbon dedicated to frontend development

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schedule. welcome breakfast. 8 talks with a duration of 30 minutes + 10 for Q&A
2 coffee-breaks & beer party

08h30–09h15 Check-in + Welcome Breakfast
09h30–10h10 Sílvia Otto Sequeira Get your screen together: design skills for frontend people
10h20–11h00 Hugo Machado Data visualization in < canvas >
11h00–11h30 Coffee-break
11h30–12h10 Ricardo Melo Frontend architecture for design systems
12h20–13h00 Pedro M. S. Duarte The amazing power of CSS
13h00–14h30 Lunch
14h30–15h10 Thiago M. Pereira Keep calm and think 'test before' with Protractor and Selenium
15h20–16h00 Alexandre Mendes JS frameworks: Why going serverless?
16h00–16h30 Coffee-break
16h30–17h10 Marco Dias Lopes Incremental innovation
17h20–18h00 Sérgio Serra Demystifying Progressive Web Apps
18h00–20h00 Beer party + session

agenda may change until the conference day. We will keep you posted.

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speakers. 8 portuguese top speakers that are working at the most challenging companies in the world.

The conference brings together great speakers and newcomers with fresh ideas in order to discuss cutting-edge technologies and to question frontend development and web design.