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how to convince your boss?

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An amazing event with revolutionary ideas about high-tech and in vogue topics. Do you really want to leave this as a last minute fix?

Your head says yes, but your boss might say no. Of course, the header controls the page, but you are more than just the body, aren’t you? starts as one-day conference in sunny Lisbon (with high probability of not being that bright on the 30th November) about how frontend can bring product development forward. The conference gathers amazing talkers and newcomers with innovative mindsets to discuss and to inquiry the ‘current’ status of frontend development and web design and how is moving forward. People at this wonderland have helped to change the language and improve communication. Your code should not be hard to read when your heart is true and consistent.

Talks that will encourage you and show how on a relentless world you can make a change! Ui/UX & Research, HTLM, CSS, JavaScript, Testing, Data visualization are just few of the subjects that will be covered by our invited talkers with prominent careers on growing businesses and companies. They bring a touch of true-reality of how success can be obtained with pure imagination (this sounds lovely…).  All this accompanied with a welcome breakfast, time for Q&A between talks and finishing off with a beer party (better to avoid this info to your boss actually).

Guarantee a seat at this one of a kind event and become a conf.lander!

Buy ticket! or send this to your boss now!