Turbine Hall is the Tejo Power Station’s
most iconic space

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Central Tejo - Lisbon, Museum of Art Architecture and Technology

In Belém we can feel the burst of Portuguese influence into the world. The Central Tejo building - next door to MAAT - has brought art and technology that changed old minds since the beginning of the third millennium. 

It wrote the history of a futuristic land, where limits between space and time could not be defined. A colour spectrum of choices to remake what is considered to be known or just utopias at the speed of a blink. Central Tejo created a time machine to travel into different places, but always to where prizes were given to whom made a difference from A to Z.

Aren’t you happy? What a better place to be the birth of Conf.land? Get inspired! Discover a different colour to change your path and commands.

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The new bridge, designed by Amanda Levete (AL_A), is now open to the public. It connects Largo Marquês de Angeja to the rooftop of MAAT museum and it's open 24h. The museum is adapted for visitors with reduced mobility with lift and ramp access to the upper floors; Two wheelchairs are available upon request at the ticket office; There are toilet facilities available for visitors with special needs.

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