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Get the chance to learn from experts with an innovative and dynamic training model designed to keep pace with the fast evolution of the digital industry. These workshops are structured by recognised and active professionals, where  the adequacy of their knowledge is essential to the theoretical and practical development of EDIT students. Workshops are organised and will take place at EDIT - Disruptive Digital Education.

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André Dargains

get started with Vue.js

With the rapid growth of the possibilities offered by the javascript language and the complexity of the current web apps, many developers have turned to the frameworks to complement the tools at their disposal. Among the available options, Vuejs stands out as being the easiest to learn. The objective of this workshop is to take the first steps towards the Vuejs domain, sufficient for the development of web apps of intermediate complexity.

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Ricardo Melo

frontend design systems

With the constant evolution in the technological panorama, we have the need to develop solutions that are sustainable and visually consistent. As such, you need answers to a uniform development with rules and that can last in time. Design systems are partly the answer to these challenges. A design system is a methodology that brings consistency, centralization and involvement. The entire modular scope of a design system is closely linked to Atomic Design's method and its modular design.

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about EDIT - Disruptive Digital Education

EDIT was founded by professionals in the interactive/digital industry. It applies an innovative and dynamic and pratical training model designed to keep pace with this fast shifting industry. Located in Lisbon, Porto and Madrid, it promotes cooperation between students and national and international digital and interactive agencies. These partners are involved in the adequacy of the EDIT course content to the real needs of the market, giving students a modern and competitive education.

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